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King County, WA Public Records

King County public records include documents concerning government activities and protocols. The Public Records Act is part of the state law mandating the access of public records by citizens for review. Certain citizen information is also considered public records depending on the privacy level, such as marriage, birth, and property records. Anyone can get copies of marriage records in King County, provided they can offer required information like their government-issued identification. Requestors would also source this information from the Office of the Recorder. For divorce records, the superior court clerk keeps and issues divorce records. Property records are also public information, as anyone can look up files recorded since 1991 using online searches issued by the County Recorder.

Courts in King County

Court Records in King County, Washington

King County court records are also mostly available to the public. Requesters can use the county's web portal for superior court case records. Alternatively, one can access these records in person or via mail. Similarly, the Seattle Municipal court portal offers access to criminal case records and other details. One does not need a login to access the information. The King County Superior Clerk is also a court record custodian. Requesters may gain access to these records by contacting the clerk’s offices. However, they would have to schedule an appointment in advance by calling or emailing. Washington State also allows its citizens to access sex offender registries. The sheriff’s office continuously updates the search page, so people can conduct searches to find individual offenders.

Court Name:
1220 Central Ave. S
33325 8th Ave. S.
11740 NE 118th Street
801 228th Ave SE,
601 S.W. 149th St.
18415 101st Avenue NE
135 E. Sunset Way
21630 11th Avenue S
22017 SE Wax Road
Maple Valley
9611 SE 36th St,
15005 Tukwila International Blvd.
6720 SE 271st Street
17425 Ballinger Way NE
9611 SE 36th Street
1339 Griffin Avenue

Jails and Prisons in King County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in King County, Washington

The sheriff’s office is the custodian for inmate information, widely available to the public. It is possible to look up inmates in King County jails using a designated search tool. One can input the full name, race, birthdate, and gender of the individual to get an accurate result. Inmate searches yield details like physical descriptors, case numbers, booking information, charges, and court dates. The requester may also confine search specifications to inmates booked and released within the previous 24 hours. Victims of crimes can also register to get notifications when the offender's custody status changes. Inmate visits can be done virtually or in person though these are subject to monitoring. There are 24 jails and prisons in King County, serving a population of 2.1 million residents.

Jails and Prisons Name:
2425 SOUTH 200 ST (AT FDC)
8701 160th Avenue Northeast

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in King County

Arrest Records in King County, Washington

King County arrest records are open to the public for viewing. Typically, these include police reports of apprehension and detainment following a warrant of arrest. These are found in the local county Sheriff’s office and can be accessed in person. Applicants can request police reports, county bookings, and images provided they are not sealed as part of an ongoing investigation. Arrest records will have the detainee’s personal information, like their name, gender, ethnicity, and the sequence of events leading up to the arrest. It will also illustrate the facility where the arrestee is being kept. Kings County has 17 police departments and one sheriff’s office serving residents. Typically, the county has a lower crime rate than the national average.

Police Departments Name:

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