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Pierce County, WA Public Records

Pierce County public records include documents in different formats, such as paper or electronic, generated by government agencies. These are made available for public viewing and inspection in accordance with Chapter 42 of the Washington Public Records Act. Washington is an open record state, so vital statistics such as births, marriages, deaths, and divorces. Requesters may obtain them from the Washington state department of health, which allows one to order records in person, by mail, telephone, or online. The state office charges $20 for walk-in requests, but mailed copies may attract higher fees. Property records are also available to the public for viewing. These are maintained by the Pierce County Auditor, who presides over assignments, bills of sale, deeds, foreclosure records, maps, and leases.

Courts in Pierce County

Court Records in Pierce County, Washington

Pierce County court records are presumed accessible to the public, except for state laws or court ordersThese are held by the Clerk of the Superior County. Record seekers may visit their offices to obtain records made before 1991. Requesters would be charged $25 per page for non-certified court records. Certified copies are $1 a page, though the first costs $5. Record seekers may also request case records via email or online using a designated form. In the request, interested parties are to list the specific documents applied for, the urgency, and whether the record should be emailed. It is mainly for district court records as it cannot yield case information on Superior Court cases. Successful searches will be met with a response on the fees needed to complete the requests and how to make payments.

Court Name:
930 Tacoma Avenue South
2224 104th Avenue East
3737 Pacific Hwy E

Jails and Prisons in Pierce County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Pierce County, Washington

Pierce County inmate records are available for public viewing. Unlike other county public records, though, these are generated and maintained by the Corrections Bureau of the Sheriff’s Department. It provides a database of inmates which interested parties can review. The inmate records provide information on the individual’s physical descriptors, criminal charges, sentencing information, and the facility they are being held. This database is also updated regularly, allowing individuals to view those who have been recently booked or released. Inmates are also entitled to receive visits twice a week though these have to be scheduled seven days ahead. For each visit, the inmate must also provide the name and birthdate of the person visiting. Pierce County has ten jails and prisons serving 925,708 residents.

Jails and Prisons Name:
701 Nollmeyer Ln.

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Pierce County

Arrest Records in Pierce County, Washington

Pierce County arrest records are available to the public following the Freedom of Information Act. These records include the person’s attributes, the arresting officer, witness statements, and the circumstances surrounding the arrest. Provided the documents are non-confidential, information may be obtained from the Sheriff’s office or county police departments. Confidential records involve ongoing criminal investigations, juvenile cases, or domestic abuse incidents. Similarly, criminal records, which include conviction histories, may be accessed from Washington’s State Patrol. Record seekers would have to pay a fee, though, for these requests per page. Each name search is $11, while notary requests cost $10. There are 35 police departments in Pierce County, and the crime rate is 47.53 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:

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